September 15, 2014 - Day Three

Last night was really great, we went to this awesome restaurant in Santa Cruz that looks like a tree (and serves awesome ice cream [I got Nutella {tasted like frozen hot chocolate} and Mora {blackberry}] ). Almost all 15 of us were there and we played this game called Thumper where you do the “We will rock you beat” by banging your hands against the table and clapping, then someone starts off with a hand signal and signals the next person, who then has to signal another person, but the beat gets faster under pressure so the game gets really intense. We were banging so hard against the table and making so much noise that we chased away this couple that was sitting right next to our table. I was expecting the staff to ask us to leave, but one of the waiters kept on staring at us as though he wanted to play. When we asked him to join he was super embarrassed and didn’t want to get into trouble so he said no… but then this other woman that worked there joined us. She had apparently been watching us the entire time because she had no problem joining in. It was such an awesome bonding experience. We took a picture with the waitress so I’ll be sure to find out who took it so I can post it later.

Anyway we once again had to get up early, but it was so worth it. We went snorkeling, but apparently the normal site had terrible weather, so we went to the opposite side of the island and saw so many beautiful things. To start off there were blue-footed boobies everywhere, and sea lions swimming through the water. At one point a sea lion kept on swimming around us trying to play. We also got to see white tipped sharks, and we also saw a ray that was at least 3/4’s the size of my body.

On the trip back I sat on the bough of the boat with my three new amigas, and I ended up getting whipped in the face with salt water, froze to death, and received a sun burn… it was honestly pretty fun being at that spot, but never again.

I’ll post some pictures next :)